International Performing Arts & Theatre is one of the fastest growing Performing Arts examination boards internationally and is accredited by RSL Awards. We have schools throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America and Africa. We provide teachers with the training to deliver our outstanding syllabi and programmes of studies in many dance disciplines, singing, acting, musical theatre and public speaking. 

Over 12,000 children and young people across the globe are currently preparing for a regulated I-PATH exam. Our organisation is led by world leading practitioners, performers and teachers who have come together to create incredible syllabi, programmes of studies and teaching resources fit for the 21st Century performing arts student.

Here at Jesters our students follow the I-PATH sllyabus and can gain OFQUAL qualifications if they so wish.

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Growing Confidence In Your Child

Bringing Out The Performer In Your Child

From the Wicked West End to the Bright Lights of Broadway

Fun, Energetic and Team Building

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